When using our Flex card for one of the co-pays at the Cleveland Clinic, we called and found out our balance was out.  We called to ask if we could increase monthly pre-tax amount taken out of Kurt’s paycheck.  They said only in the case of a “life-changing” event.  We were really happy to know that this cancer will not be a life-changing event. These only include marriage, divorce, birth or death.  We were really reassured that cancer is not considered a “life-changing” event.

On a serious note, if you’re here, you have heard the news. Kurt was recently diagnosed with head and neck cancer, but it’s one with a very high percentage (above 90%) of survival. He will have to have both chemo and radiation therapy for the next two or three months and after that, hopefully he’s in remission for good.

We thought this would be a good way to keep everyone informed about what’s going on in our lives. We’re trying to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. We told them each separately, because that way we could answer their age-appropriate questions with age-appropriate answers.

Thank you for your support, well wishes, prayers and friendship. It means a lot to us and will help us get through this more than you know.


Kurt, Lisa, Declan, Liam, Sydney and Ciaran

Kurt Skinner knows how to wear fur!

22 thoughts on “Skinnerville

  1. pmartin827 says:

    Kurt…..what a trooper! If I had throat surgery I would be such a baby……You Rock! With lots of love, prayers and positive thoughts…. Trish and Jimmy

  2. Debbie Clerc says:

    Kurt, that coat would have came in handy last week as I was being sprayed with melted wax in your basement – the activities that we do to keep our children happy! I wont say anything about how stylish it looks on you – I am sure it is warm 🙂 Big hugs from the Clercs xx

    • lisaskinner says:

      Debbie – As you well know Lisa is the master of crafts around here, I was out the minute I heard hair dryer, crayons, canvas and the need to melt things. Thanks to you and Anthony for helping us to have a normal Sunday – or at least normal for us! big love to the fam – Kurt

  3. My prayers are with you and the family! I will keep you in my daily prayers for a fast recovery! Nilfa Chacksfield

  4. OMG! I didn’t know Kurt’s a Viking. Steve thought he was auditioning as the Mountain Man for the Discovery Channel. We’re thinking about you and your family. Please let us know if you need anything at all. Mable

  5. Kurt and Lisa, praying for you all daily and for you Kurt to kick caners butt!

  6. So good to see such a great smile in the photo above. I know there will be times when you cannot possibly be cheerful so just settle in for the ride, cheer when you can and cry when you need to. You are surrounded by love and will get through this!

  7. Hey Kurt, Just a shout out to you and remembering the great singing of b.knutts and the wiggler Jamacian. Fight the good fight young man. Brent the Badger Robinson

  8. Lee de Beer says:

    Kurt, I just love the coat! Perhaps you could wear it to the games as the weather cools a bit to frighten off the opponents! We think of you daily and hope that you’re managing well. – the de Beer family

  9. The NH Murphys are thinking of you and praying for a speedy and positive resolution.

  10. Hey Kurt, Lisa and kids – thoughts and prayers go out to all of you from the Strauchs in New Jersey. Hang in there!! BTW – we love green sweats!!! 🙂

  11. Hi Kurt: I am sure we haven’t met but I do love your sister-in-law Kathleen, so that is ONE of our connections, The other is that I was diagnosed* with STAGE 4 squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue & in the lymph nodes back on AUGUST 16th 2006. I went to MD Anderson in Houston for a week where the “team” came up with a plan for me that consisted of 3 types of chemo that was given to me thru a port once every 3 weeks and alllowed to circulate, this was done locally in Brunswick GA. Then came radiation which I had done at SHANDS Hospital in Gainesville FL under the watchful eye of Dr. William Mendenhall, a saint of a man!

    * I have always maintained I had a DIAGNOSIS of cancer, I never claimed the disease by saying I have cancer only I have a DIAGNOSIS of cancer. This may sound silly, but silly helps at times like this.

    If at any time you lose faith in your treatment team let me know and I will give you Dr. Bill’s contact info. He is UNBELIEVEABLE…
    I was told that it was treatable but is 80-90% ATTITUDE. I had to develop a GRATEFUL heart. I had to be thankful for EVERY DAY and just when I completed both chemo & radiation, they thought they spotted a growth on the right side and took out 28 lymph nodes only to find dead cancer cells in one and the other 27 werew CLEAR. That was on April 2nd 2007. I have now progressed to YEARLY checkups rather than monthly, quarterly, semi-annually… let you mantra be, “If REGAN can do it, I can do it!” and then accept prayers from all who offer and healing vibes from you New Age friends. I really don’t think GOD cares what we call what we do when we are invoking His Healing Power, especially on behalf of others. If there is anything I can do for you let me know. My e-mail address is or you can find me on Facebook, John Michael Regan. I am currently working in Abu Dhabi and there is an 8 hour time difference so if you write it may take me a little while to get back to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers “Brother”… jmr

  12. Also, I have female cousins named Skinner that live in Dublin and are related to Cosgroves, Mc Anns and Foleys… any relatives of yours? jmr

  13. Kurt, Hey, in this instance, shrinkage is a good thing. You keep fighting my man, we are behind you. Brent & Kathy

  14. Dorothy Stadelmann says:

    Lisa, sending Kurt and your awesome family lots of good vibes:) Almost 10 years ago Paul went through cancer and treatment, so we can relate. Please let us know if we can help out at all with anything you need.

  15. Kurt, you’ll be in our prayers for sure…’re a strong guy with a larger than life attitude which is exactly what you need to get thru all of this. Joe’s mom just went thru chemo & radiation for breast cancer this past year and did great. Treatment for this has come a long way. She’s doing really well now. Remember, when life hands you lemons…..make some kick-ass lemonade:) Julie & Joe Walker

  16. Jack Kilroy says:

    I am a longtime friend of Kathy Whitford and also of John Regan. In 2004 and 2007, I had diagonoses of squamous cell carcinoma of the throat and neck. Next month, I am celebrating 5 years since the end of treatment. I was treated by a great team of doctors, nurses, and technicians at Taussig Center, CCF and am very grateful. I had two surgeries plus chemo and radiation. Went from ice cream and soft foods to milk shakes and ensure to tube feeding. It is not a pleasant experience but, in my case, it worked! I am grateful every day.

    I wish you all the courage, focus, and determination that it takes to win this battle. All the best,

    Jack Kilroy

  17. Kurt,
    We have been all praying for you, Lisa, and the kids and will continue doing so. We are thinking about you as you go through treatment and wish you all the best. Much love.

    Jeff, Nancy, Julius, and Aliyah Smithers

  18. Happy Thanksgiving Skinner’s!

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